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The first post

Hi kids, do you like violence? Then join the Punk Poser Posse and help us wreak havoc in Lincoln!

First order of business: join. Okay? Just do it so all four of us are here. I didn't see any reason to make this a closed community at this time. Anyway, check out your info on the info page and let me know how you want to be billed. As you can see, I am using Allegra Star for my stage name. Let me know who you want to be this week.

I think we should try to have a practice on Monday if at all possible. Tuesday evening I have to get fitted for that modeling thing, so I don't know when I could do it then. But let me know if you can all do it tomorrow. Okay? Okay.

Finally, I finished the verses to my political song, although I think it needs a bridge. I will work on that. I think probably none of you agree with my political beliefs. Just a guess. Well, we don't have to play it if you don't want to, but here it is anyway:

Mother was a sky-high hippie
Loved JFK the bloody libby
Met daddy long-haired communist
Fell for him first drunken kiss
Now they both vote liberal
And revel in suburban hell

My best friend’s a spoiled brat
Parents raised him Democrat
He’s a liberal socialist
Owns stock in the Nike blitz
Trust fund meant to open doors
Drowned his soul with one more Coors

Tax cuts go just far enough
There is no choice, there is no love
For those who choose another way
The government still makes you pay
For things that you will never see
Just give your money straight to me

History accuses me
For all the things I’ll never be
To those who think this song is smooth
You know you’ll never have to choose
You’ll give a dime to save the whales
And let the humans rot in hell

Anarchy means true free market
You took this precious thought and stuck it
Somewhere safe within your head
There to languish, warped and dead
When you are thirty wait and see
I’ll watch you voting G.O.P.

We all are branded Union Jack
And drive-by quote from Kerouac
We’ll never practice what we preach
We’ll never live what we believe
Define your life by what you wear
And live the lies we tell you here
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